Amazing night at Carnglaze

WOW, what an absolutely amazing night at Carnglaze Caverns – deep underground with the bats flying around. This is definitely one of our favourite atmospheric venues and I’m sure it’s the same for the audience as the emotion was thick in the air (along with the haze from the smoke machine of course). Lots of people took our advice and turned up with blankets and cushions although luckily I didn’t see any umbrellas. The beer was straight out of the barrel and there were burgers and hot chocolate to keep people warm inside. We hired in a special PA speaker array, and the sound was fantastic, together with the awesome light show from Mass Effect.

We will compile some video footage over the next few weeks and put some links up on YouTube.

Next up, we have a local gig in Torbay and then it’s off to Falmouth theatre for our 2nd visit there, followed by our 4th visit to our favourite festival weekend – Glastonbudget in Leicestershire – the World’s Biggest and Best Tribute Festival – and we’ve got a few surprises in our setlist for this year.