Born in Clevedon, Neil was taught piano from the age of 7 by a little old lady who lived with his Gran, then by Richard Graves (Rupert Graves’s father) in Weston-Super-Mare, and then onto King’s College Taunton.

Neil bought his first digital piano, a Yamaha Clavinova, in 1989 and never looked back. He had midi boxes everywhere and the sound was excellent.

Neil started a band at work but shortly afterwards, his first child came along and he then spent the next 12 years in quiet desperation (It’s the English way – but you already knew that!).

Thanks to his sister being married into the Neal family, they recreated Darkside of the Moon in 2007 using his old 1989 Clavinova as a midi stage piano, feeding a virtual Korg Wavestation on a laptop. The rest is history.