Alison moved to Devon 20 years ago and absolutely loves it there. She had only ever sung in the bath, until 10 years ago when everyone got together for a New Years Eve family party, it was amazing. That was the start of a new beginning. The band is a big part of her life; and of course, being the only female member in the band the boys tend to keep her on her toes – or is it the other way around…

Favourite musicians: Andrea Bocelli, Reba McKintyre, Incognito & The Darkside of Pink Floyd.

Favourite film and book: The surgeon by Tess Geritsen or Kathy Reichs.

Alison loves horror films, including Alien. Her favourite car is a Mazda Mx5. She’s a Scorpio, with a sting in her tail . . Superstitious ? never, she just wouldn’t walk under a ladder.