In the 1970’s and 80’s Jon played guitars in a number of local Plymouth bands notably lead for Calculated Risk, the Strontium Dogs and the Coven and bass for Energy IQ. Jon took up the drums in 2006 returning to music after a period full of marriages, family, careering and sport and is happy to say that The Darkside of Pink Floyd is the best band (by far) that he has ever played in !!!

Favourite musicians (apart from Pink Floyd of course): The Darkside of Pink Floyd (!!!)

He also likes The Stranglers for their energy and passion, the Pistols and the Psychedelic Furs for their attitude, Gilbert and Sullivan and Flanders and Swann for their humour and Wagner for his ring cycle (make of that what you want).

Favourite film and book: Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, David Fincher’s Fight Club and Larry and Andy Wachowski’s classic Matrix – He likes Mike’s choice The Healer by F Paul Wilson which is a phenomenal book but he also says anything by Sir Terry Pratchett

Favourite car: His British Racing Green 1992 Mazda Eunos Mx5 Miata Roadster with the tan leather interior.

Jon is a middle cusp Sagittarius (moon with moon rising and therefore hypersensitive!). He is not very superstitious but he is very interested in alternative ways of looking at and interpreting the world (like tarot for example).